Mast Brothers

I remember coming across these guys several years ago and falling in love with their packaging, which is an array of patterned papers. Search Pinterest and it's awash with photos of them. Flash forward to today and the only thing unkept or not so slick about this brand is the brothers' beards. Their Williamsburg outpost has been manicured up with pristine white tiles and not a stray bean in sight. 

Saying all that, my relationship to Mast Brothers is not on the eating side. Maybe it's because I appreciate the packaging too much I don't want to ruin it. Or maybe it's because I don't really like dark chocolate. Yeah it's probably that.

They've opened a hot chocolate shop a few doors down from their Williamsburg store and factory and have even taken their chocolate across the pond to a store in London. What's next for the Mast Bros? I've a feeling they're going to become even bigger.


111 North 3rd Street