I stumbled upon this little bakery one rainy weekend afternoon in Winter and it felt like I stepped into someone's kitchen. And not in the "shit I'm going to try slip out of here before they ask me to help with the cooking" way, but the "oooh what's in that jar, can I try some?" A bouquet of flowers that looked like they were picked from a local meadow sat on the countertop, the walls were covered in quirky wallpaper and a black board with a hand-painted white menu.

They're known for their creative approach to bakery, no bog-standards here, it's gluten-free Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Currant and Rosemary Scones, Shortbreads and muffins. I sat down with a Carrot and Honey Buttercream cupcake to eat while reading Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul by Howard Schultz. The book was too douchey for me so I gave up to jealously stare on the couple who were having a wedding cake tasting session at the table next store. Sadly they decided to take home all the samples and not share with their weird-eye neighbour.


31 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn