Cookie Road

One of the amazing things about New York is you can pretty much get your hands on any cuisine you feel like from anywhere in the world. One of my favourite things is a caramel slice (or Millionaire's Shortbread, as they're known in the UK) which is a rectangle shape, shortbread or biscuit at the base, caramel in the middle and a layer of chocolate on top. Unfortunately for me, this is hard to track down in NYC. I've managed to find something close—but not quite it—at Cookie Road in Greenpoint. The Caramel Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt and Peanuts is really quite decadent, similar to the caramel slice, with a lot more height. I normally handle a sized dessert with room to spare however this is even a little decadent for me.

Cookie Road is a quaint little bakery on the beautiful Franklin Street in Greenpoint. It's not hipster at all, more homely in fact, with brightly color sugar-cookies and branding to boot. The logo is all 70s and psychedelic looking, which if sweet things were like this back then please let me know when time machines happen so I can go back and try more desserts. 

They also sell sandwiches, breads, muffins, coffee and teas. Worth stopping by at the weekend while you're out strolling around the neighbourhood.


94 Franklin Street, Brooklyn



Caramel Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt & Peanuts