The first time I tried on the spot batch prepared ice cream was at Smitten in San Francisco. Out for a Sunday stroll, enjoying perfect sunshine in the middle of winter I saw a mean line of people gathering. I tried two different flavors–the wait was long, I wasn't going to line back up again if I wanted more, rather safe than sorry– and watched as they used liquid nitrogen to prepare the creamiest ice cream I’d ever tasted.

-321 opened up this summer in Williamsburg, I pass the place quite frequently but my stomach hasn’t been aligned to try it out each time I've walked by. This last Sunday, out on a stroll nearly a year later since that day in San Francisco, I made it in. They keep the menu lean (lean and ice cream, who thought those two words would ever go together) with a handful of options and each are prepared as more of a sundae rather than a single scoop of ice cream. Peanut butter comes piled high with Reese’s Cups, there’s cookies and cream with a mountain of Oreos, coffee, Rocky Road, Green Tea Kit-Kat, Caramel Popcorn. I went for dulce de leche with graham crackers, pecans and caramel. 

I’m an idiot for not going here sooner. People have been rejoicing that creamy liquid nitrogen prepared ice cream has made it to Williamsburg. There’s never a wait, the portions are good and the staff are friendly.


288 Grand St, Brooklyn



Graham Crackers
& Pecan