The Blue Stove

I grew up with the phrase higgledy-piggledy, when I moved to the States and found out the word wasn’t so common over here I felt sympathy that hadn’t had such a wonderful word. According to Merriam-Webster it’s defined as “in a confused, disordered, or random manner”. The way it was used when I grew up wasn’t in a negative way, it meant things were a little scatty, slightly all over the place. 

The Blue Stove is a bakery on a quiet street in Greenpoint. I popped in on one of the first cold Sundays of November, when a warm piece of pie sounds like the perfect treat after walking over with a sharp wind nipping at your face to get said pie. It seems like a lot of people had the same idea as every seat was taken besides a little spot by the window.

The restaurant gets it’s name from the Blue Stove sitting inside, a hand me down from the owner Rachel’s Grandmother. In the class cases are a selection of pies (large, small and by the slice) with homemade pastries and crusts. Plum Crumble, Pumpkin, Pecan Molasses and Key Lime made it a hard choice but I opted for a slice of warm Apple Pie with ice cream.

It came in at over $9, which I found quite pricey for a slice of pie, however when they called my name I saw I’d been served three scoops of ice cream, which justified it a little. The pie was light and fresh, a noticeable difference from the stodginess of store-bought pies.  It tasted like a pie your Granny would make at home, if your Granny was an amazing baker, that is. And the bakery is decorated in that way too, the cupboards and walls are filled higgledy-piggledy with old pans and soda bottles. A more than satisfactory solution to a pie craving overall.


415 Graham Ave, Brooklyn


Apple Pie