Sweethaus opened in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2011, in late 2014 they opened up a second branch in New York. The owners met when they were managers at the infamous SoHo restaurant Balthazar in the early 2000s and left the city as cupcake hysteria was reaching new heights to open up their own place. Their move-in date to their Williamsburg location was delayed because their prospective landlord went missing and was eventually found…dead.

Isn’t the world of sweet things so scandalous? I knew none of these facts when I visited the shop to get a cupcake of course. Written in cursive neon, the logo hangs upon a perfectly and newly built retro pastel green facade. On the inside is a long white and grey marble countertop, extending down to the back where a wall of pick and mix sweets line the back. Even though the sign says cupcake cafe, Sweethaus have made sure to offer more things on the menu–which is beautifully designed with grey and red condensed all-caps type.

I’ve tried to research why they named their company Sweethaus–haus being of course a German word–a funny and random combination. Sweethaus.com looks to be the answers, possible they just wanted a unique URL without a decoration of hyphens. I’ve been there a couple of times now and tried various cupcakes. They were OK, not too memorable. What the winner for me is the place, there isn’t a high number of sweet places in Williamsburg so if you’re looking to meet up with someone for a sweet treat then Sweethaus is a safe bet.


135 Metropolitan Ave



The Everything Cupcake