City Bakery

I stumbled upon City Bakery without knowing the reputation the place has. As well as a love for sweet things I have a huge weakness for stationery, paper and cards. I’ve frequently spent time on 18th Street a few doors down at Paper Presentation. On one such day, I was getting the lunch time hanger attack and made my way into City Bakery.

Not to digress from sweets too much, but they have a great seasonal lunch offering, a serve-yourself style buffet with yummy salads such as tofu-skin and edamame. After piling up a tray I got in line to the center serving area, the counter with the waiters. While you wait you can’t help staring at the pretzel croissants (yes, you read that right) and the cookies. Oh the cookies.

Chocolate chip, soft in the middle more firm on the outside. It was so good that I’ve abided the queues a couple of more times to grab one and a coffee. 


3 W 18th St, Manhattan



Chocolate Chip Cookies